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Job description

There are three main components to the Communitas Dublin Internship Program:

  1. Knowing: Part of the process will be growing in the knowledge of God as well as various aspects of ministry. You will read one book per month and report on an discuss with your team leader. You will also read other material as assigned, and meet with the team leader on a weekly basis for mentoring.
  2. Doing: The internship will be very much ‘hands-on’, it is vocationally driven & structured. The course will include a comprehensive range of studies/teaching and hands-on practical projects in a variety of areas of ministry enabling personal growth in trust and confidence in God. All opportunities to serve should be seen as part of the individuals continued growth & understanding. A log will also be kept, detailing all activities & events that the individual has taken part in.
  3. Being: The most important part of this process, is encouraging you to continually develop your relationship with God, and to grow in practices of contemplative spirituality. You will keep a private spiritual journal, charting personal growth in all areas of understanding. You will be encouraged to embrace the disciplines that are integral to being a follower of Jesus.

The purpose of this Internship program is to affirm, develop and grow emerging pastors and leaders for service in cross-cultural settings and the Kingdom of God.

We believe that leaders are best trained within the context of the local church. Therefore this program is specifically intended to prepare emerging leaders for service in a local church community (currently we are in the process of planting a church so the intern would be part of that team). Participation in this program will equip those the Lord is calling into ministry, whether in lay leader context or full-time ministry.

Through spiritual disciplines, we will train you to nourish intimacy with God, encourage openness to Him and accountability to others. We will encourage you to follow the example of Jesus’ servant lifestyle and give you opportunity to serve practically. Through mission, you will develop a pattern for life and set an example for others to follow. During the year you will be discipled and disciple others and will be given many opportunities to reach out to others.

The individual needs to approach the internship with no ego, ready to serve, and ready to learn and re-learn.

There are currently two intern opportunities. A one year program (a visa will be required) and a 3-month program.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to serve God
  • Desire to grow
  • Desire to see the Kingdom of God extended
  • God-given desire to reach people
  • Passion for God
  • Enthusiastic personality
Full time