Stuart & Lynsey Gilmour

Lynsey (1986), and Stuart (1980), have two girls Indie (2014) and Hiromi (2016), and live in Stenhousemuir, near Falkirk, in central Scotland.

They started their relationship in 2010, had two dates in the space of a week before Lynsey travelled to Tokyo on a working holiday for 9 months! Their relationship developed via Skype, and when Lynsey returned to Scotland it didn’t take long for Stuart to propose in 2011. They believe that their life together really began with their marriage on September 2012.

In 2015, before being called to start Scum for Scotland, they started their own partnership service, SL TREE, providing Education, Training & Resources on Mental Health, Sexual Health, and Substance Misuse, and between them they have a wealth of secular work experience in; banking, caring for and supporting vulnerable adults & children, retail, and health & well-being Education & Training. In their early twenties Lynsey achieved an Acting & Performance qualification, and Stuart achieved a Theology qualification.

They have walked with Jesus for many years now and are able to share the powerful testimony of how, (before they met), God had been bringing them/ brought them both back from Depression, Anxiety, and Self-Harm.

Lysney’s hands have been in a Japanese advert, Stuart was in a punk/comedy band for around 10 years, Lynsey won Scotland’s Young Writer of the Year Award when she was 6 and again when she was 14. They both love listening to music and being creative when they can, though with two young girls, and a ministry, Netflix is an easier option, preferring to put their creativity into Scum.

As a family they love swimming, going to the park, long drives in the country, and have good fun telling stories, singing songs, and visiting family and friends when they can.

God, Family, and Mission is their focus, believing that Every Saint has a Past, and Every Sinner has a future.