The Dynamic Adventure

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Dynamic Adventure is a guide for your team’s journey into the strange and unfamiliar territory of starting or shaping a missional expression of church. It’s filled with real-life stories from the field and over fifty practical exercises to guide you as you learn and apply to your unique context the six dynamics of Communitas International’s approach to missional church planting: Embed, Initiate, Practice, Mature, Hub, and Extend.

Whether you are just setting out or have journeyed for many years, Dynamic Adventure is an invaluable tool to help you engage your surroundings, mature as a faith community, and deepen your Kingdom impact.

Dynamic Adventure is not a textbook, it’s a workbook designed to promote action! It’s a unique resource specifically designed to help groups of people start and shape a missional expression church:

  • informal groups of “dreamers” seeking to impact in their city
  • missional communities
  • church planting teams
  • leadership teams or boards of established churches
  • pastoral education groups
  • academic programs
  • study groups for missional pioneers

No matter the size or nature of your group, Dynamic Adventure provides the framework for you to interact, imagine, and implement a missional approach to being church together.

Find out more on the Dynamic Adventure site.